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Benefits Of Your Own Virtual 3D Store, Event Venue Or 3D Office:


Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Mary and I'm the virtual reality secretary. Here is how your 3D website works.  Imagine: She is in Los Angeles, he is in New York, yet they are together. They enter Virtual Reality through their PC and their virtual reality body becomes visible to  others in the city. Your customer (client, fan, team-member) enters the city from anywhere in the world and the moment she enters, her virtual body becomes visible to you. Once you are both logged in, you can chat with each other or you can invite her to explore your 3D store or office  together. You can even attend virtual simulcasts and other events together.

Retail or entertainment: Why settle for text when you can have texture?

We define our company not as a technology company, but as a ICM company (IR-Increase Revenues, CC-Cut Costs, MM-Maximize Marketing).

Please click here to find out about the competitive advantages of a 3D versus a 2D website or continue below to find out how a 3D website can help your business.

3D websites (even enterprise solutions) can be implemented within a few weeks. 

PCRE offers 3 distinct packages of Peace City Virtual Real Estate

3D websites for small and medium Businesses

Specials start at under $4000

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3D websites for retailers,
entertainment industry,
film companies,
TV networks
& cable companies


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3D simulcasts for any entertainment event,
live  event,
company event,
sales presentation or educational event
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Small business and certain Enterprise solutions can be implemented within weeks and Virtual Reality Simulcasts can be added to any event your company or organization is planning.

Virtual real estate is conveniently located in Peace City. This City is virtual reality pure and is visual. Towns, public squares and wide open natural spaces. Peace City (PC) gives the internet life, light and movement. But PC is not just another pretty face for the internet. Every town, every structure has meaning combining freedom and structure, intense graphics and fast delivery of content, urban development and natural beauty. A familiar world, a better, faster, more enjoyable internet experience.



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Featured Retail Store

Case Study: The Target Store
The virtual 3D Target store features isles with kiosks containing all of the main product categories available online. The 3D store is integrated with the target.com which allows for all products to be purchased. A customer service section offers a platform for visual online customer service.
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Featured Entertainment Company

World Entertainment

The WE building features a screening room showcasing a trailer of WE's latest project. The DVD of the movie can be purchased inside of the building through an amazon.com shopping cart.

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